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  • Vino GC

    Vino GC

    A freelance tech and lifestyle columnist. Aspiring to build a technology that exceeds humanity, https://medium.com/@vinogeo/membership

  • Colleen Sehy

    Colleen Sehy

    Writer, traveler & Anglophile (www.colleensehy.com). Author of “Finding Shakespeare in America” (2020) and Eating British in America columnist at Anglotopia.net

  • Jane Grows Garden Rooms (Jane Frost)

    Jane Grows Garden Rooms (Jane Frost)

    Jane is passionate about Australian native plants, gardening, biodiversity, food forests , nature and the Arts. Also - owner/editor of Tea with Mother Nature

  • Art Bram

    Art Bram

    I love to write. Why? Because it gets me in touch with myself. It’s therapeutic for me and hopefully helpful to others. That’s my goal, to touch hearts!

  • Jessica A

    Jessica A

    Pen for hire | snack aficionado | recovering night owl. Come say hi at the other places I hang out https://linktr.ee/sowingwildnotes

  • Jay Javurek

    Jay Javurek

    Military Ops/Intell Assitant — Instructor — Leader — Gamer — Electronic Engineer — Science Explorer — People Person — Doberman Lover — An “Old Guy” who reads.

  • Kendra Gayle Lee

    Kendra Gayle Lee

    Believer in equality. Dedicated to smashing white supremacy & the patriarchy. Mother of 1. Queer. Married to a out, trans-guy. In love with Atlanta, GA.

  • B.R. Shenoy

    B.R. Shenoy

    Wife. Mom of 2. Biochem & Chem Tox, M.S. Former Expat in Brazil, France, & Japan. Writing about Science, Technology, Writing, Nature, Parenting, & Poetry.

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